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The BYTHAX Story

The BYTHAX story begins in 1999, after Dr. Dee had moved back home to Washington, DC just having recorded her first CD.  Sitting in the living room, she, her mom and sisters brainstormed seeking a name for her new indie label.  Advised by her lawyer to choose something unique, they tossed around suggestions related to their family history since it would be a family business, finally landing on “BYTHAX.”  Pronounced like “by that” (replacing the last T with an X), this was a word they knew from their Mom’s stories of their colorful great grandfather.  In place of “Good grief” or “Doggonit,” he’d say “Byyyy-THAX!”  Its meaning evolved to stand for the company’s slogan:  Bringing You Talented, Heavenly-minded Artists with eXcellence!  That day BYTHAX Records, Inc. was born.

Two recordings were produced on the BYTHAX Records label, “In Stillness” and “Dr. Dee Live in DC:  My Heart Says ‘Yes.’” With Dr. Dee relocating to Los Angeles, the DC corporation would soon fold but the concept of BYTHAX still rang in Diane’s heart.  As far back as the 80s, God had birthed in her a passion to minister to artists, to provide spiritual, emotional and professional help to artists; to offer them support and love and encourage lives of high moral values and integrity.

BYTHAX, as a business, was re-established in Los Angeles in 2015

headed by Diane and her husband, Joe Clayton.  Still holding to its

original vision, BYTHAX seeks to support artists and produce live

events with performers of outstanding artistry who desire to serve

God and people providing audiences with experiences that heal and

transform.  At the same time, BYTHAX’s goal is to serve the spiritual

and emotional needs of artists through prayer, counsel, workshops

and networking.

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