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This piece was commissioned by the great Chorus Austin in memory of their beloved board member, Dr. Reuben Roosevelt McDaniel, Jr., university professor, administrator and an incredible human being.


Beginning in simplicity with a slow and steady beat of unison voices, it shifts to a moving tempo with intensified rhythms, choir harmonies, and the addition of congas. The lyrics portray a simple yet poignant message.  We are all different, yet one by one, as we embrace common goals, while respecting our diversity, we can strive to impact the world, "letting go of pride and fears and holding on to love." 


Although the text is not sacred, the piece embraces elements of gospel music and welcomes improvisation in both solo and accompaniment. However, for choirs not acclimated to this style of improvisation, the piece may be performed exactly as written as in the premiere:  For an improvised version, see the composer leading a virtual choir as soloist and pianist and her husband, accomplished conga player, Joe Clayton, on percussion:

One by One - digital

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