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This SATB anthem with piano accompaniment is a setting of Psalm 33 and like Dr. Dee's other "gospel anthems" is a classical piece with gospel elements.  You will hear reflections of Bach in the piano's introduction with Bach's Prelude in C major and in the interlude with his Prelude No. 2 in C minor but both are in Db major.  Also Baroque in nature is her signature "polyphonic vamp"--a section in the latter part of her anthems where each voice part has a different line.  This vamp has melismatic lines in the soprano and alto parts (i.e. many notes on one syllable) in keeping with the Baroque, the same era of Bach.


One of gospel's prominent features is "call-and-response" which is used here in the refrain where the sopranos sing "Rejoice" and the other voices complete the phrase with "in the Lord" using traditional gospel harmonies.  There is also an improvised call-and-response that may be used with a lead  doing different versions of "O ye righteous."    

Note:  Originally composed for SAT, the bass part may be omitted for choirs who do not have basses.

Rejoice in the Lord - digital score

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